The first human trials for a Covid-19 vaccine are showing positive results. According to researchers the vaccine is proving to safe and could be effective in fighting the virus. In China 108 healthy adults were given a dose of adenovirus type 5 vectored COVID-19 (Ad5-nCoV), according to scientists.  "These results represent an important milestone. The trial demonstrates that a single dose of the new adenovirus type 5 vectored COVID-19 (Ad5-nCoV) vaccine produces virus-specific antibodies and T cells in 14 days,” Professor Wei Chen of the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology said in a statement. The test group of 18-60 year-olds was split into three groups of 36 and given either a small, medium, or large dose of Ad5. Researchers found that none of the patients suffered from serious reactions to the vaccine after four weeks. The most common side-effects included mild pain in the injection area, fever, and fatigue. The symptoms typically lasted for less than two days, according to the information found at Researchers are extremely cautiously optimistic. The full article can be found at if you can decipher all the medical information but what I got from the article was that the results from the first trials for the vaccine were positive. A second trial with 500 participants is already underway.

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