Fan mail has always been a defining moment of success to me in my radio career so when I received one the other day I was elated. It made me think of the episode of WKRP in Cincinnati when someone gets a huge bag of fan mail and it gets dumped out in the studio. Sometimes I wish I was in radio back when that kind of stuff actually happened. Now is not that time. Nowadays communications are made through emails, messages on social media, text messages ect... so to get an actual hand written letter in the mail is so cool. It means someone took the effort to sit down with pen and paper and then had to go buy a stamp, do people even know how to do all that anymore? When I was a kid my cousins and I would write letters back and forth to each other, heck I even had a pen pal from France for years. I'm a huge fan of letters to this day so if anyone wants to write in the address to the station is in the picture above. Let's make this a thing again! Oh and just so ya know it's spelled TAWNY, not Tawnie. ;-)

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