Have you heard about Fair to Midland? Yeah, me either, well not really.  I remember hearing about a place with an open fair grounds type feel coming to Midland but that was in 2019 before the pandemic hit so I just assumed it got squashed like all the other cool stuff that got ruined by Covid.  Well Fair to Midland is gearing up to open pretty soon and I gotta say I’m pretty pumped.  Fair to Midland, 1115 Tradewinds Blvd, is a food, beverage and entertainment location by KPG Hospitality that was originally slated to open in the summer of 2020.  The idea is that this beer garden style spot would be open-fair themed with indoor and outdoor seating, fair type games and fair themed foods.  I heard there was going to be a slide and I was immediately invested.  According to the article in the Midland Reporter Telegram, the folks behind this place were shooting for something that would make people think they weren’t in Midland, which is some what of a passive aggressive neg but I’m fine with it. In the article there was also mention of a hidden little speakeasy kind of bar area and I am also 100% invested in that idea as well.  I’ve always wanted to go to one of those bars that are hidden and secret and you have to know the secret knock or password to get in and the door is in like a port-a-potty but I’ve never even known of one that exists anywhere other than Austin or Dallas ect…   Fair to Midland plans to be open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week but you’ll have to check their Facebook page or Instagram @fairtomidland_tx to find out when exactly they’ll be opening.  Check out their FB page, they have a sneak peek pic of the shooting gallery that will give you an idea of what kind of place Fair to Midland is.

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