Evanescence had initially planned to release their vinyl box set, The Ultimate Collection, back in December, but it got pushed to a release today (Feb. 17). But with the new release date, Evanescence are helping to promote the release by unleashing another track from the collection meant to entice fans. It's an early demo track from the group called "Even in Death," and you can hear it in the player above.

As you can tell, it starts off with a delicate, haunting piano melody before Amy Lee's restrained vocals begin to lay over the song. It's a slow builder, as Lee's voice gradually increases in intensity, but it's a beautiful and powerful piece of music that makes it one of the gems of the Lost Whispers disc, a part of the box set dedicated to Evanescence rarities.

Lee has taken her time for other projects in recent years, but during an interview with us last October, she stated that Evanescence are still part of her plan. “There is Evanescence in the future,” Lee begins. “Not going to go into a ton of detail because I want to take things step by step. We’re doing this really cool vinyl box set with all of our albums including pre-Fallen material, which the fans have been asking for forever — and I kind of hate it so I kind of buried it — but now I’m letting them have it, so that’s really cool. And did a new recording of another pre-Fallen song that’s really, really beautiful. I can’t wait for it to come out."

The group toured a bit last fall and even broke out a rare song "Take Cover" to help add something new to the performances. In addition to the late year touring, Lee issued a children's album titled Dream Too Much and more recently she issued a brand new Evanescence song titled "Love Exists."

Stay tuned to see what Lee and Evanescence have in store next, and be sure to pick up The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set, which is now available.

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