Intense waves nearly had a ruinous end for one senior couple.

A storm was beating down Brittany, France on Monday when a 75-year-old man and his 76-year-old wife were dragged away by the waves pounding Porsguen beach.

The man got caught in the water first (the action in the video starts around the 2:15 mark) before the waves also roughed up his wife, while a passerby in a yellow jacket struggled to help when another wave comes by and knocks all three of them down. That's the moment the video ends.

Fortunately, the Daily Mail reports all three were eventually saved by a man who was in the area taking photographs.

The man said, "I didn't stop to think. It's only now I realize how great the risk I took was."

The couple was taken to a hospital. Their condition is unclear.

While the waves were the real danger, the person who shot this video is turning into the villain. Several comments on YouTube questioned why he continued recording the clip instead of doing anything to help people who were clearly in peril.

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