There’s no need to wait until 2017 – Doctor Who is back! Or, he will be this Christmas, so get a first look at this year’s Christmas special “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” with a new trailer and photo. What super-shenanigans has Steven Moffat cooked up in his final year as showrunner?

Straight from New York Comic-Con after debuting the Class trailer, The BBC offered a fresh look at the upcoming 2016 Christmas special, now titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.” Set in New York, the special follows The Doctor’s encounter with a Superman-type hero (Justin Chatwin), the first photos of which you can find below:


In addition to Michelle Gomez’s likely return as Missy and Matt Lucas’ return as Nardole, Season 10 will also feature Jekyll & Hyde star Stephanie Hyam in a minor role. Pearl Mackie will also joined in the role of new companion Bill, while Peter Capaldi has suggested Jenna Coleman’s Clara might return in some form.

As to the next run itself, Capaldi himself has only officially signed through the coming tenth season, despite having been asked to return after Steven Moffat’s last season in spring 2017. Following Moffat’s exit, Chris Chibnall will sub in as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10.

We’ll learn mores soon, but what new Doctor Who should we look forward to beyond “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”?

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