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Wes has been a fixture in Lubbock radio since 1981 (with a few years away in Austin, Texas and Spokane, Washington). Wes is co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street in Lubbock and Bat City Scaregrounds in Austin/Buda, Texas. He has th…


Chrissy Covington is the spicy co-host of Lubbock's top morning show, The RockShow on KFMX, along with radio legend Wes Nessman. A Lubbock native who spent her early adult years in Minnesota as a chef, Chrissy is thrilled to b…

Jen Austin

When I'm not working, I'm usually running. I try to run between 6 and 9 miles a day because I love that runners high! I try to eat clean too. I love shopping, going out for salmon and wine, seeing live music and comedy, and listen…

Doc Holliday

A descendent from the real gunfighter legend of Tombstone fame, John Henry "Doc" Holliday, this Doc has never shot a gun, but does shoot his mouth off often. The winner of multiple state DJ of the Year awards for only one reason. …

Matt Wardlaw

Matt Wardlaw is the host of Ultimate Classic Rock Nights. He loves vinyl and believes that the compact disc is still a worthy format. Right now, he's probably reading some liner notes.

Chris Sedenka

Weekends rock! Chris Sedenka plays the greatest songs ever made and ties them together with things you know and may have never known about your favorite legends of rock every weekend afternoon