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This weekend was huge for the Red Raiders. Taking on the Longhorns on our home turf was Texas Tech’s chance to really prove themselves, and they did not disappoint. With a final score of 37-34, the Red Raiders beat UT in Lubbock for the first time since 2008.

A major win like that always comes with a flood of Tech fans rushing the field, and this weekend was no different. As fans and players celebrate together, things are bound to get rowdy. People get bumped around and accidents happen, but sometimes people get out of hand and take things too far, like the Texas Tech fan that made the poor decision of shoving a Longhorn player during the post-win excitement.

Of course, that is a terrible thing to do, and no true Red Raider condones that behavior. However, while all the attention has been on Tech fans being terrible (which they definitely can be at times), there seems to be another video that has gone unnoticed.

In the video, you see a female Tech fan celebrating her team’s victory after rushing the field, when UT’s player #36 comes up from behind the Tech fan and seems to aggressively shove her. The clip quickly ends, not showing the rest of the interaction.

After watching the video several times and analyzing the footage, there seems to be a debate about what actually happened. Many UT fans are defending their player, stating how it looks like the Longhorn was shoved from behind, causing him to accidentally run into the Red Raider, but many Tech fans strongly believed he pushed her on purpose.

You can see the players head move back looking like he was pushed from behind, but then you see his arms moving out towards the woman in a way that doesn't look like he's just catching his balance, making it a tough call. I would hope it was just an accident and the player didn’t decide to push a random woman out of anger, but we don’t know the full story and only have a few-second video to go off of.

Warning: NSFW Language

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