Most of us flying out of East Texas start in Dallas, TX, at DFW. Sure you can fly out of Tyler or Longview but as convenient as it is it can get pricey very quickly. This, though, this could be the greatest deal you've ever read about, especially if you're able to utilize it to its potential.

"If you’re thinking about traveling at least once a month, this makes sense for you," Frontier CEO Barry Biffle told USA TODAY. "If you’re willing to travel once a week, this is a no-brainer."

Frontier Airlines has announced this "Go Wild!" annual flight pass for a super low price of just $599. This pass will offer its holder unlimited flights beginning on May 2nd, 2023. And while this could certainly be the deal of a lifetime, of course there are a few catches.

  1. It only works on Frontier, obviously.
  2. There's a list of blackout dates, which includes most major holidays and popular long weekends.
  3. You have to be flexible. You can only book tickets the DAY BEFORE the flight, and not every flight is available. Basically, Frontier is just offering up seats that have gone unsold on their flights.
  4. Book tickets is actually ONE CENT each, but that only covers the airfare. You'll still have to pay taxes, baggage, and upgrades.

The airline freely admits that the pass isn't right for everyone, but if you've got the flexibility to travel on short notice, it might just be perfect for you. It could work out great for some retirees.

And there are a lot of destinations Frontier flies across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. Over 100 different destinations. Get more details here.

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