Musical wizard Devin Townsend is looking for a whole lotta money to compose a musical about a whole lotta penises. More specifically, Devy is attempting to source $10 million for a piece tentatively called The Moth.

Devin has spoken about The Moth before, calling the idea completely different from what he’s doing with The Devin Townsend Project. Fans understand there’s no creative realm too weird for Dev. After all, he did write two conceptual pieces about an alien looking for planet Earth’s greatest cup of coffee. The bizarre is perhaps Townsend’s favorite medium, so we’re not questioning his ability to make a $10 million penis symphony work.

“I’m here at Sony tonight to pitch something I need ten million bucks for! The whole show is a metaphor for sex and power, and the idea of it all being related to some sort of God who's ultimately futile,” Townsend recently told Noisey. “But it's this symphony with all these cocks and vaginas and death and it's gotta be so over-the-top, with symphonies and choirs and it's got to include the best of the best and it's so f—ing expensive!”

He continues, “It started out as just being a symphony, but then I was like, ‘I can't get ten million bucks to just do a symphony.’ I needed to make it like a musical, with orchestras and choirs … If you make it just f—ing absurd and a spectacle of fundamentally unsellable items and concepts but with the same production values as The Phantom Of The Opera, I think it'd get people's attention, right?”

Devin has actually been working with an orchestrator to write The Moth. Though Townsend didn’t mention the person’s name, the individual has worked with Steven Spielberg and composed for Slumdog Millionaire. “He's f—ing brilliant and so far out of my league, but he's really interested,” Devin shares. “So he came over and we started working together and dude, it's so good. So when we propose the idea, it's not gonna be like a pipe dream, but it's this really well-thought-out thing with all the orchestration and the art and the logos.”

Stay tuned for more updates on The Moth and Devin Townsend’s nonstop experimentation as news breaks.

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