We’ve got another new Deftones track to share with you all! The new etherial track “Hearts / Wires” recently premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter.

Deftones’ upcoming eighth studio album, Gore, really sounds like it’s going to be a another stellar effort from the band. Deftones have already shared the cuts “Prayers / Triangles” and “Doomed User,” both of which captured the ears of fans very quickly. Deftones are all about atmosphere, and “Hearts / Wires" is the most atmospheric track released from Gore so far.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter revealed “Hearts / Wires” made him extremely uncomfortable at first, conjuring mages of murder, rape, insanity and the antagonist from The Silence of the Lambs. "That song made me think of [Buffalo] Bill the whole time – psycho killer and s—t. I just didn't feel it," Carpenter says. "I had to embrace my inner psycho rapist and come up with the part and get into it."

Carpenter recently shared that he originally didn’t want to be a part of Gore, but eventually became immersed in the album once in the studio. Apparently, it took a little convincing from singer Chino Moreno. "A lot of the times it's me trying to sell why something is so great: 'Why don't you understand how good this is?' It probably goes both ways," says Moreno. "It's passion. I think that's the bottom line. The fact that there's that passion there keeps us going forward."

Listen to “Hearts / Wires” in the player below! (Skip to 2:38 for the actual song.) Deftones’ Gore will see an April 8 release date.

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