We are all willing to admit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a gigantic joke at this point. Judas Priest isn't even a nominee this year?! What?!!

But, we are also willing to admit we'll always talk about the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame because it gives us something to bitch about. Although, Dire Straits is in, which is awesome.

One portion of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame that's always worthy of paying attention to is the fan vote. At the time I'm writing this, Def Leppard is in the lead in the fan vote, with Stevie Nicks in a close second. At this point it appears to be a two artist races between Def Leppard and Nicks. You can vote and check the tallies HERE.

Voting is open until December 9th and the top 5 will make up a special fan ballot that will be tallied along with hundreds of other ballots from people in the industry.

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