Early on in Donald Trump's campaign, the presidential candidate was using Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" as a theme song at his rallies, and while Snider didn't initially complain like other bands had done when Trump used their music, he did eventually ask for it to be pulled.

Snider and Trump have a history as the rocker once appeared alongside Trump on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice and considers him a friend. But as Snider told Billboard, "It wasn't an endorsement. We all have friends who have different views politically but you can go on vacation with them. But I had to ask him to stop using the song. I said, 'I didn't realize some of the things you were going to represent -- the wall, banning Muslims. I can't get behind some of these things,' and he said 'OK' and stopped using it and that was it."

Snider says he's been surprised that Trump has remained the Republican frontrunner for president, but also adds that he's not exactly a fan of any of the candidates. "I think the situation is generally awful; We've got the most despised person in presidential campaign history vs. the second most despised person," Snider says. "It's basically coming down to Never Clinton vs. Never Trump. Do you want him in office? Do you want her in office? Well, if not just vote for the other guy. It's a pretty sad state of politics."

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