Do you believe it's possible to record a ghost's voice? An explorer who visited an Illinois church claims to have captured electronic voice phenomena of alleged ghosts outside of a church near Alton that some believe is cursed.

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I have some qualms about this, but I'll let the explorer tell her story first. Here's what she said about this Alton, Illinois church and the history there:

In 1854, a Catholic Church mysteriously burned. The Catholics, for unknown reasons, didn't want to rebuild on the same plot of land so they sold their land to the Unitarians leaving behind the remains of their church as well as the buried body of a priest. The Unitarians erected their church on the burned Church's foundation and over the body of the priest. It was dedicated in 1855, and it burned down in 1901. The present structure was built on the same spot in 1905. Then, in 1934, for unknown reasons, their reverend committed suicide by hanging himself from the rafters inside the church. For nearly a century, visitors have claimed these grounds are cursed and haunted by the ghosts of the priest, the reverend and shadow people.

I'll take her word for the history as I can't corroborate it. Watch her investigation for yourself and note the words she says she recorded.

I do try to be an open-minded person. However, I cannot really make out hardly any of the words she says were captured in her EVP investigation. I'm not saying it's not legit. I'm saying that my ears don't hear what she says she's hearing.

That being said, this is a church with an interesting history. Sounds like a number of sad events have happened there which could explain the weird phenomena that she and others claims to exist in Alton.

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