Buying tickets second hand from someone you don't know can be really sketchy. Case in point, what happened to Cowboy fan Jamie Davila.

Davila had found tickets to the Cowboys/Seahawks wild card game on the website OfferUp. There were some red flags though leading up to the purchase of the tickets, but Davila also took some precautions.

First, when Davila contacted the seller, he said he wanted to see the tickets in person. The seller said that he was going to the Irving Mall to pick up his daughter. When Davila met the seller at the mall, there was no daughter. Okay, not the end of the world and not a deal breaker. Maybe he hadn't met up with the daughter yet.

Davila said the tickets felt real, but there was another red flag. He noticed a bunch of tickets stuffed in the pocket of the seller. He was told that those were the seller's tickets to the game.

Davila ended up giving the man $900 for the tickets, but first he took a video of the seller just in case. Well, it's a good thing he did because when he went to use the tickets, he was told they were fake. You can see a picture of the seller HERE.

If you happen to know who this is, you are encouraged to call 972-273-1010.

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