In the classic rock universe, there's no shortage of love songs suitable for each and every tender moment. Billy Joel, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Neil Young – all of these artists understand that romance is just as important as rocking out.

Figuring out how to express your love in a more tangible way is more difficult, however. In fact, finding the perfect Valentine's Day card for your sweetheart is often a total pain. Too many greetings fall on the overly schmaltzy side, relying on empty platitudes rather than heartfelt sentiments or are just too cutesy. That kind of cheesiness might have worked in elementary school, but for adults it can border on romantic overkill.

We here at UCR understand this dilemma, which is why we've decided to unveil the following series of Classic Rock Valentines. The pairing is a no-brainer: After all, we associate certain songs or bands with our significant others: Why not make the relationship formal and put together rock-centric digital cards you can share with your classic-rock loving beau? (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

From Kiss' double entendres and Guns N' Roses' direct come-hither calls to Bon Jovi's sensitive seductions and Van Halen's lovelorn rallying cries, UCR's raucous sweet nothings are sure to nab you a valentine – or at least make cupid give you a solid once-over or two. Share them with your friends – or anyone you want to be more than just a friend, wink wink, nudge nudge – and watch the sparks fly!

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