The City of Midland has opened up the calendar for pool reservations as of May 1st. The reservations are for private pool parties and pavilion reservations at the city pools in Midland such as Doug Russell and the Washington Family Aquatic Center.  The reservations can be made online  here and can also he made in person.

You can rent the swimming pool for a private party, what? I mean it’s one thing to wait in line for an hour to get in and then be surrounded by a billion other strangers, which I absolutely can't stand, but renting it for a private party does sound awesome! If you have a kiddo with a summer birthday, like myself and my son, it's the perfect location.

 Reservations for pool rentals will be open from June 3rd through July 30th and you can reserve the pool from 7pm to 9pm on the following days of the week:
 The fee to reserve the pool for private parties is $700 with a $250 deposit, that does include lifeguards and the city accepts cash or credit card.
The pavilion rentals at Doug Russell are a little different, you can make those for any day aside from Tuesdays and Sundays from 12pm to 3pm or 4pm to 7pm. Rentals can be made on Sundays 1pm to 4pm and 5pm to 8pm.  The pavilion deposit fee is $100 with a rental fee of $100 not including the cost of entry to the pool.

The City also offers punch cards for the parks office, the MLK Community Center or the pools.

10 punches $15

25 punches $35

75 punches $75

All this information and more can be found on the City of Midland Parks and Recreation Division.

It's almost summer and what better summer job than to be a lifeguard? It comes with a free tan.

The City of Midland is also hiring lifeguards, attendants and managers for the pools over the summer. If you are interested you can visit the cities website included above.

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