Get to know Citizen Zero! The Detroit-based upstarts have been rocking radio of late with the song "Go (Let Me Save You)," and they're now teaming up with Loudwire to give you another taste of new music with the song "What a Feeling."

With a highly hypnotic guitar line, the track builds into a catchy rocker. Singer Josh LeMay really lets loose vocally during the chorus of the song, while the verses are sure to keep your foot tapping along.

LeMay says of the track, "'What a Feeling' is about our desire to be independent and the confidence that that gives us -- but then finding someone or something that you desire more than anything else, then letting that feeling consume you."

The song appears on the band's upcoming album, State of Mind, which will be released by Wind-Up Records on Aug. 12. It's currently available to pre-order via Amazon.

Coinciding with the release of the album, Citizen Zero will be on the road throughout the month of August. The Wans and The Black Moods will join them on the run. Check out all of their touring dates here.

Citizen Zero, "What a Feeling"

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