Christy Mack is a former adult star that is now known for her ever-changing hair colors, stunning curves, and heavily tatted body. Last year when Christy stopped by the show, she charmed us all with her humor and her extensive knowledge of tv shows from binge-watching on the weekends. After coming on the morning show, Christy sat down for an even longer talk with us to chat about tattoos. Christy Mack is known for all her ink and she let us see her very first tattoo, how many tattoos cover her body and if she regrets any of her artwork. We also get to know Christy better and learn what her favorite animal is, In this video, you see exactly why I love Christy so much. She is so sweet, witty and approachable which explains why she is so popular still, even though she doesn't still make adult films.

There will be three shows happening this weekend at the Red Parrot on Friday and on Saturday. The Red Parrot is located at 14401 Gateway West Blvd. There will also be Meet and Greets and available for certain shows and a 4 VIP Military special available online. For more information on this show, please call the Red Parrot at (915) 703-1183. Check out some Christy’s ample “assets” from her Instagram photos. Find out more about Christy Mack at her website or her Twitter.

The Red Parrot