In a very candid interview Chris Howorth opens up about his addiction to opioids and how it began with the onset of arthritis in his neck and back.

Chris says that it began like most as a way to deal with the pain caused by the arthritis which was a direct result of years of on-stage antics, but as time went by, he says he needed more and more pills just to be able to deal with the pain of performing.


Now, Chris is clean and sober and is opening up about his addiction in hopes to help others and inform other about the dangers of opioids and how readily prescribed they are. He talked to us about how easy you can become addicted and as we know with the passing of music legend Prince, how deadly the addiction can become.


I applaud Chris for opening up about his addiction in a public forum and trusting myself to treat it as more than just a exploitative story, but rather a cautionary tale of addiction and the dangers associated with prescription medications.


So be sure and catch In This Moment all Summer long on The Hellpop Tour and if you have the opportunity to talk to Chris Howorth, commend him on the courage to come forward about his addiction.


I personally applaud Chris or anyone with an addiction that is willing to admit to their addictions and then take the next step to become clean and sober.

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