Yesterday all over Midland children were helping to raise money for charity.  Some very cool kids in Midland were hosting lemonade stands here in Midland to help a local non-profit called 311 Ministries.  311 ministries provides food, clothes and access to fun activities for less fortunate children throughout the year.  One of our very own even gave up her own allowance to help the cause. Miss Kaitlin Bledsoe hosted a lemonade stand in order to help raise money and gave up her allowance saying "They need pretty much what we just need" right you are Kaitlin.  The lemonade stands were up yesterday but when I saw that I was late seeing the story I just had to give them a hefty nod and drop a link where you can still donate if you'd like to be a charity hero like Kaitlin.  If you know Kaitlin or any of the other children who hosted a lemonade stand yesterday to help raise money for 311 Ministries be sure to let them know they're kill'n it!

If you would like more information on 311 Ministries or would like to donate you can go to

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