We have all called in sick to play hooky now and again, but I hope my excuses were a little less crazy than these.

According to PR Newswire, Career Builder just released its annual list of the craziest excuses people have used for calling in sick to work.

Here are the top ten:

  1. A guy claimed his grandmother poisoned him with ham.
  2. An employee said they couldn't make it in, because they were stuck under their bed.
  3. A guy's sandwich fell on the floor, and he broke his arm trying to catch it.
  4. A guy claimed the universe was telling him he needed a day off.
  5. A guy's wife caught him cheating, and he had to get all his stuff out of a dumpster.
  6. A woman said she was brushing her hair, and poked herself in the eye.
  7. A guy couldn't come to work, because his wife put all of his underwear in the wash.
  8. A guy was too embarrassed to come in, because the food he'd made for an employee potluck didn't turn out well.
  9. A woman said she had to go to the beach, because she needed more vitamin D.
  10. A woman said she couldn't come in, because her cat was stuck in her dashboard.

The survey also found that 38% of us have called in sick this year when we actually felt fine, which is up from 28% last year.