Upon first glance at this listing in Celina, Texas in the Dallas area, you see an unassuming house decorated for Christmas. It is very similar to other homes on the street that are for sale, even with the same bump out on the railing above the staircase.

This owner used that area to put up a huge bright Christmas Tree, and it looks super festive. The home built in 2014 is listed for $604,000 though they might have to raise the price a bit now after all this attention.

Listed for sale in what is historically a slower time of year for real estate, this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3,500 square foot home with a 3 car garage usually wouldn't garner this much interest. Most people want to stay put for the holidays and aren't making moves.

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Spacious One Of A Kind Primary Bedroom Is Eclectic And Entertaining

The listing on realtor.com lists the home as eclectic and one of a kind. This is interesting because it's very similar to the house for sale at 305 Cripple Creek which is also in the Carter Ranch subdivision.

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A closer look at the rest of the photos might give you a clue as to why it has been turning some heads. Though real estate agents have gotten away from calling the main bedroom 'master suites', this house might just change it back.

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It was recently listed on Zillow Gone Wild and since then there has been a lot of attention to the listing. Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about in the photos below.

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