The fast food wars have turned into a Twitter battle.

You may have missed it, but Burger King and Wendy's exchanged barbs on Twitter last week. The quips sizzled more than the meat on either of their grills.

The hoopla began innocently enough when Wendy's pushed its "4 for $4 Meal."

Burger King then slammed the restaurant with this not-so-subtle dig while promoting its own special offer.

Wendy's is not one to take matters like this lying down, though. Another Twitter user asked Wendy's, "What are you firing back?" and got this gem:

Burger King then hit back, although in a matter that was so uncreative and non-confrontational that it essentially caused the smack talk to end:

We hate to take sides in this spat, but McDonald's has you both beat, guys. Until you guys have chocolate covered fries, you guys can find for second-best in the marketplace.

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