When you're on a roll, it's time to rock! And there may be no band who has worked harder to keep the rock going in the last decade than Buckcherry. In the last three years alone, they've gone from the conceptual Confessions album to the good time F--k EP and now into their Rock 'n' Roll album with nary a break in between. Giving fans another taste of their rock 'n' roll, the band let the cameras roll in the studio and used the footage for their new video for "The Madness."

As the album title suggests, "The Madness" is all about rock 'n' roll. Get a look behind the curtain as Josh Todd lays down vocals as Keith Nelson, Stevie D and Kelly LeMieux deliver the licks. You also get a pretty good look at Xavier Muriel really pushing the beat behind the drum kit and keeping the song rocking. And while, the video is primarily studio footage, there are interspersed shots of demonstrations and picketing playing into the idea of "The Madness."

Todd told Billboard, who premiered the video, "I struggle with two sides of my mind. There's the side that wants to be really bad and the side that really wants to be good, and this is a constant battle with me. So that's what 'The Madness' is about, and I just felt like the chorus came together really well."

Speaking with Loudwire recently about the goal with the Rock 'n' Roll album, Todd told us, "That’s what we do, we make rock ‘n’ roll records … When we started in 1999 with our first rock record, people were telling us, rock ‘n’ roll is dead, you can’t sell rock records. And then we put out another record, and they said the same thing. And it was like, every record cycle they’re telling us the same thing, you know? So we had it in our heads that we wanted to title a record Rock ‘n’ Roll a long time ago. It was just the right timing, with the climate of what’s going on. Everybody’s so terrified of rock ‘n’ roll, and, so we decided it was the perfect time to put out a record that says rock ‘n’ roll."

The disc, which has already yielded the single "Bring It on Back," is due Aug. 21 via the band's own F-Bomb Records. You can pre-order the effort via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Check it out via Spotify, and get an order in on a variety of bundle options at the band's website. And be sure to catch Buckcherry on tour at these locations.

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