Sure, we have the I-20 Wildlife Preserve and Jenna Welch Nature Study Center... And we can see some of the Zebras and guests at A-Z Vet when we drive past... But it's just not the same as an actual ZOO. Right now, best this author can tell is that the closest Zoo to us is in Abilene, which is a very nice zoo with a ton of stuff for the kids to see and do... But it's a long drive away. With oil coming back and things on the upswing here in the Permian Basin, we need things for families to do on their off times and on weekends to keep people here instead of them just coming to work during the week and then leaving. Lord knows we have enough land all over the place here. Just need some big investors to think the project is worthwhile.

Midland HAD a zoo back in the 1960s and 70s called Cole Park Zoo. Tried to find out more of the history but every corner I turned around I couldn't find anything, other than a few pictures on a Midland History Facebook Page, posted by Stephen Shannon:



Stephen gives his permission on the post for others to repost the photo so there it is-and there are a few more posted by others that show animals they had on display back then. It was located on the site where the Midland Police Department firing range is now, according to the history page. Not sure what happened or why it closed, but we need to bring something like this back for families who live here now so that kids can enjoy and learn.

Imagine being able to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon right here in town instead of having to make a big road trip to take the kids to something fun?!

Salt Lake City Zoo Giraffe Eats Lettuce
Seneca Riggins, Towsnquare Media
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis
Misty Mullican


Not sure what we need to do to get this rolling, but lets do SOMETHING! Comment below and tell us what YOU think-should there be a Zoo in Midland now?

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