Midland City Council will be voting today (12/14/21) on repurposing one of Midland's oldest buildings into a boutique hotel.

The report, courtesy of the Midland Reporter-Telegram states that the city is in discussions with Dallas-based DePalma Hotels and Resorts to convert the building at 112 S. Loraine St. into a 93-room boutique hotel.

The hotel would be called "The Thomas" and convert the office building which was built in 1927, which makes it the "oldest high rise in West Texas," into a 93-room hotel right across the street from the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Midland Plaza.

"The Thomas" would also be a Hilton brand so it is not like the DoubleTree would be in competition with it as much as being an addition to the Hilton brand in downtown Midland.

The hotel would also feature a restaurant that would serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it would also have meeting areas and valet parking, of course, since the hotel will have an average nightly rate of $150 which Brian DePalma with DePalma Hotels said would not make it a "big box convention hotel."

Once the project is approved DePalma stated the renovations to the building would be complete in approximately 2 years.

That means the wheels are turning to revitalize downtown Midland since Centennial Park and the Bush Convention Center were completed in the past 2 years and other projects are being planned to bring more retail and restaurant businesses to the downtown area.

I will keep you posted on all the projects as they are announced that will be going in downtown Midland.


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