The pandemic might be in our rear-view mirror, but we're still feeling the impact that it played on product shortages right here in Texas and around the world.

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While the auto industry seems one of the hardest hit, due to chip shortage, other areas of our lives have been dramatically affected so much so that the wait for these products is completely frustrating.

So, let's take a look at some of the other pandemic-related product shortages that we're suffering from.

Muffler Bearings

O2 Sensor mounted in Catalytic Converted
Tony Savino

Ever since COVID hit us, I haven't seen one set of muffler bearings on the store shelves. These are very important as they help prevent your muffler from squeaking.

Left-Handed Screwdrivers

Markus Spisk/Unsplash
Markus Spisk/Unsplash

Left-handed people are some of the hardest hit due to these shortages, especially those that use tools on a daily basis.

Dehydrated Water

Ingram Publishing

We all know about the toilet paper shortage, but dehydrated water still hasn't recovered from the supply and demand issues we've been facing.

Wood Stretchers


Have you ever bought an 8-foot piece of lumber but needed 10 feet? That's where wood stretchers come into play but there aren't any available right now.

Winter/Summer Air for Tires

driver checking air pressure and filling air in the tires close up

Around the same time the winter gasoline mix is released to the public is when we should replace the summer air, in our tires, with winter air. The problem is that the pandemic has totally screwed up the supply of this product.

Bucket of Steam

Matan Levano/Unsplash
Matan Levano/Unsplash

The best way to clean up an oil spill is with a bucket of steam. It seems that steam is the only true method and with the current shortage of buckets of steam, oil spills everywhere are relying only on cat litter.

710 Caps

Mr. Gasket
Mr. Gasket

710 caps are incredibly important for all vehicles. I suggest you chain yours to your engine block so you don't lose it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait at least 6 months before receiving a new 710 cap.

Elbow Grease

Woman applying elbow cream. Beauty and body care.

The lady above is applying the last known amount of elbow grease in the U.S. While we wait on producers to supply more, I highly suggest avoiding the bending of your elbows.

Blinker Fluid

car signal switch

Summertime is the worst time to be without blinker fluid as the higher temps typically cause blinker fluid to evaporate. We are currently awaiting production of a new batch, but backorders mean you'll have to wait at least 9 months.

Turbo Encabulators

Just watch the video.

By now, I hope you realize this article was total satire and meant to give you a laugh during these trying times. Those examples were derived from Fool's Errands which are pranks that have been played for ages, much like Snipe Hunting.

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