Just waiting on that bell to ring? Blink-182 know the feeling and they capture it well with their brand new video for the single "Bored to Death."

The group just unveiled the video, which is a mix of concert performance and a concept centering on a teen who really comes to life after the bell rings for the final moments of class. As we see, the young man appears totally zoned out, only looking up to notice notes being passed in class and he breaks out his knife to carve his feelings into his desk. But things are about to get a lot more interesting, with he and his friends emerging from school, playing on the playground, wreaking a little havoc in a record store and going for a late night dip by breaking into someone else's swimming pool.

The night ends of course with the teen and his girl arriving at a club to catch Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba and Travis Barker playing an inspired performance of their current single while the crowd goes nuts. But did it all just happen or is it part of the unrest of a teen mind just waiting for the end of the day? Watch it all play out in the video above.

Fans will have plenty of chances to catch Blink-182 this summer. The band has a major tour with All-American Rejects, A Day to Remember and All Time Low. See their upcoming dates here.

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