Beth Hart has released a new music video for her cover of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" – minus the music.

“I really want you to see the new video,” Hart explains at the top of the clip, “but unfortunately we can’t include the audio. So if you want you can just play the song while you watch the ‘no audio’ video.”

Fortunately, fans have come to the rescue and posted their own edited versions of the video with the music included.

You can watch the officially released Greg Watermann-directed clip below.

"Black Dog" was one of nine covers included on Hart's recently released studio album, A Tribute to Led Zeppelin. She later admitted some hesitancy about the project.

"To do Zeppelin, you've got to be pissed off to hit that right. I can't go there; I've worked years to put my rage away," she explained in a news release. "Then the pandemic and all the things around it hit. So now I'm pissed off. I called my manager and said, have [producer] Rob [Cavallo] and [engineer] Doug [McKean] send me all the music because I am ready to do this."

Hart set to work alongside guitarist Tim Pierce, bassist Chris Chaney, keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac and drummers Dorian Crozier and Matt Laug. Orchestral arrangements were added by David Campbell.

"This Zeppelin album allowed me to get all my rage out," Hart added, "and for that, I'm really grateful."

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