Before Behemoth’s incredible New York City show last month, we caught up with frontman Nergal to talk all about his life and art.

Behemoth released The Satanist last year to overwhelming acclaim. The Polish band has been touring on the record for over a year, performing The Satanist front-to-back on the road. Nergal told us how this has been Behemoth’s most highly-attended tour despite playing a majority of new music.

“It was risky, because we’ve never done that full album concept,” Nergal says. “Usually, what bands do, they just cash in on their back catalogue and cash in on the sentiment of people because people want to hear the songs from 20 or 30 years back.”

Shortly after the release of The Satanist, Nergal said Behemoth would not record a new album until they can come up with something as good or better. We asked if he’s been putting together ideas for a new album and Nergal revealed a few ideas have been coming to the surface.

We also chatted about Confessions of a Heretic, Nergal’s official memoir. It was written in a unique way, with Nergal’s friends constantly questioning and grilling him about the frontman’s life and beliefs.

Check out our exclusive interview with Nergal in the clip above!

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