Tons of people enjoy spending time with nature to get in some exercise. Sometimes you can get burned out visiting the same places you have hiked in El Paso time and time again.

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Hence, the reason some people will travel outside of El Paso city limits for a different scene.

Now if you do enjoy hiking in different city limits then it is always good to be aware of your surroundings. Previous times before I had mentioned different types of insects you may encounter while hiking the Franklin Mountains.

Can't forget the time I had learned about a creepy crawler I never knew existed in El Paso until a friend posted about it. Ray Arreola had shared a video of the bright red Trombidiidae walking along the rocks.

But we also can't forget about the vibrant hoppers you've seen in the borderland either.

If you're planning on escaping El Paso to enjoy a hiking adventure in New Mexico be careful if you come across Velvet Ants. Darinjm7's YouTube video just shows what it looks like while darinjm7 has it trapped in a clear box below.

Apparently, the sting from a velvet ant is worse than any other sting such as a bee and wasp. Patrick Bell had shared his photo of his encounter with a velvet ant on Abandoned History, Landscapes, and Wildlife of New Mexico.

So if you happen to come across a velvet ant please do not try and attempt to kill it or touch it. Unless you're willing to suffer excruciating pain then by all means knock yourself out if you're willing to take that kind of painful risk.

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