This is yet another example of a play-by-play announcer not thinking about what's coming out of his mouth before saying it.

During the middle of an at-bat during the Mets/Phillies game, a baseball fell out of the bag that the home plate umpire was wearing around his waist to hold baseballs. Not even thinking about it, play-by-play announcer Ron Darling exclaimed that the ball fell out of the umpire's sack. This of course caused everyone in the booth lose it, and every chance of being professional flew out of the window.

All of the announcers didn't want the TV audience to hear them cracking up, so they all walked away from their mics, which probably caused some concern because there was no one talking.

This is an example of how boring baseball can be from time to time because there's no other sport where announcers could stop talking during the game. However, "ball falling out of sack" is funny and the dead air seemed to make it funnier.