Everyone has bad habits. It's a part of being human. However, here are some bad habits that have silver linings.

  1. Always being late - "Many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic, she said, and this affects their perception of time. They really believe they can go for a run, pick up their clothes at the dry cleaners, buy groceries and drop off the kids at school in an hour."
  2. Complaining - If you just complain for the sake of complaining, that doesn't mean a whole lot. But, studies show that if you complain with a specific result in mind, you're more likely to be happier than those who just complain to complain.
  3. Daydreaming - A study cited by the Harvard Business Review found that letting your mind wander off for about 12 minutes while working on a difficult task can help you find solutions for that task.
  4. Saying 'um' or 'uh' as filler words - While it might make you sound confused, it can help you get your point across. Saying things like 'um' or 'uh' help the listener understand and remember what you're saying.