Listener Wrote -
So, I'm seeing this guy and out of no where his EX hits me up. Very random. I don't personally know her or ever have. Basically, she's giving me a heads up and warning me about this guy and how he sucks in a relationship. Um, everything has been going great with him and I now I get this from her. Should I listen to what she has to say?


I retract my statement. Because I've realized how would she know to get ahold of you, without him and her still seeing exch other to say something, Unless you're relationship is out there. Still keep an open mind.

She's the ex for a reason. And it probably wasn't him it was probably her that was the problem.. and since she is hitting u up first of all how did she know who u were and secondly y she feel so comfortable hitting u up. Girls that want an ex back will… See more

She still wants him.

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