Buzz Question: So met this great guy on MATCH DOT COM and the first thing that gravitated me to him was his profile pic with his dog! I love dogs and not going to lie that was an attraction to him. In fact our first date was walking the dog at a dog park here in town. Well, here comes the 3rd, 4th and 5th date and I notice the dog is no where is sight! SO, I ask about the dog, and this guy tells me he had to confess that he borrowed his friend's dog and honestly he doesn't own a dog. He said he feels bad he did that but he wanted to come clean because he really likes me. Um, haven't talked to him since and he's blowing up my phone. Sorry, I'm not being harsh am I?


No, not harsh at all. You have your preference and set your boundaries. Petty yes maybe but you won't see that until you're 40, with your dogs and complain about why you can't find a man

Stacie DeLeon King

Jajajaja. Get him a dog!

That's a tough one. Why did he lie about owning a dog?? How did he feel about lying to u? Did he think it was funny or did he feel bad? . . . .

He went through all that trouble..... poor guy

So you liked the dog better than him 😂

Ray Ray
Look, he went through all that trouble give the guy a break! Don't put him in the DOG HOUSE! LOL

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