Buzz Question -So, me and my brother disagree on this. What do you think? This co-worker at work told me she needed a PLUS ONE for this party she was going to and asked me if I I would be her 'PLUS ONE'. We are both single so I said sure. Well, my brother doesn't think it's a REAL DATE and she's just using me as a PLUS ONE for the party.   I told him of course it's a date. I mean she did ask me right?

Here is what people are saying about it!

What does it matter what your brother has to say about it. SHE ASKED you that's all that matters. Have fun on this date. And yes, it's a date!

Ray Ray
You can make it more than just a PLUS ONE. It's up to you to make that night more than just a tag along.

She chose you and your questioning it? Yeah, if your that insecure than you will be nothing more than a PLUS ONE!

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