ASG have released a cover of Pink Floyd track “Mother,” taken from the label’s various-artists revision of The Wall.

Titled The Wall [Redux], the upcoming LP also features contributions from the Melvins, Scott Reeder, Mark Lanegan and others. You can see the full track listing below.

“Following a successful Kickstarter to get the project under way, Magnetic Eye Records spent the last year and a half bringing together a cross-section of artists new and notable to re-imagine the classic Pink Floyd album The Wall from end to end via the colossal tones and vintage warmth of the heavy/stoner/doom/psych genre,” the label said.

The Wall [Redux] isn't a tribute album, but a powerful musical statement that's certainly appropriate at a cultural moment when the themes of separatism, alienation and divisiveness set forth by Roger Waters and company are more relevant than ever. The Wall [Redux] features a curated array of scene luminaries and ambitious newcomers finding new depth and urgency in the album's timeless tracks.”

You can listen to ASG’s take on “Mother” -- an exclusive premiere from UCR -- below.

ASG frontman Jason Shi tells UCR that he first heard of Pink Floyd around 1992, when he was in the sixth or seventh grade. “[The Wall] had all types of appeal to an early teen – it was weird, dangerous, and certainly foreign in comparison to the quiet, small-town life I was living,” he said. “Perhaps fittingly, I recall my mom walking through the living room as we were watching one of the Gerald Scarfe animation scenes, and she was visibly concerned as to what we were taking in.”

He said he was "intrigued as a vocalist" by “Mother” “to take a singular attempt at Waters' and [David] Gilmour's vocal tracks. To me that's what really makes the song, the dichotomy of their voices. Like many Pink Floyd classics, simplicity ruled all – three basic chords and inspired lyrics often won the prize. I think those ingredients can still hold weight in modern songwriting and sometimes you need a reminder of such.”

The Wall [Redux] comes out on Nov. 9, as is now available for pre-order in digital, double vinyl and two-CD formats.

Magnetic Eye Records
Magnetic Eye Records

Various Artists, 'The Wall [Redux]' Track Listing

Side A1. “In the Flesh?” - The Melvins
2. “The Thin Ice” -  Low Flying Hawks
3. “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1” - Ghastly Sound
4. “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” - Sergeant Thunderhoof
5. “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2” - Sasquatch
6. “Mother” - ASG
Side B
1. “Goodbye Blue Sky” - Mos Generator
2. “Empty Spaces” - Domkraft
3. “Young Lust” - The Slim Kings
4. “One of My Turns” - Worshipper
5. “Don't Leave Me Now” - Spaceslug
6. “When the Tigers Broke Free” - Year of the Cobra
7. “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 / Goodbye Cruel World” - Greenleaf
Side C
1. “Hey You” - Summoner
2. “Is There Anybody Out There?” - Scott Reeder
3. “Nobody Home” - Mark Lanegan
4. “Vera” - Ruby the Hatchet
5. “Bring the Boys Back Home” - Sunflo'er
6. “Comfortably Numb” - Mars Red Sky
Side D
1. “The Show Must Go On” - Open Hand
2. “In the Flesh” - Solace
3. “Run Like Hell” - Pallbearer
4. “Waiting for the Worms” - WhiteNails
5. “Stop” - Blue Heron
6. “The Trial” - Church of The Cosmic Skull
7. “Outside the Wall” - Yawning Man

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