I know that everyone will be debating whether stiffer gun laws will truly do anything to deter the types of tragedies like the one this past weekend in Orlando and of course everyone will have a strong opinion on either side, but her is my take, I have been a hunter for decades and have been around and handled all types of guns so to say I am an advocate of guns is correct but with that being said is there a real need for certain types of guns?  I know what the argument will be, it is our right under the Second Amendment and of course I agree with that but what does the average citizen do with an assault rifle?  Can you hunt with it?  Is it good for home protection?  I say no to both of these, I would take a 12 gauge shotgun all day for home protection who wants to aim in the dark!  For me it just doesn't make sense to have an assault rifle, with all of this being said I don't think the assault rifle killed anyone it's an inanimate object much like a car, neither can take a life unless it's wielded by an individual like in this case, the guns were purchased legally by an individual that in my opinion should not have been allowed to purchase a gun if he had been on the FBI watch list!  Look the majority of gun owners are fine and we never have a problem with them it is the very small percentage of people that snap and as tragic as the loss of life is and it is tragic there is not black and white solution to this problem