The stage can be a dangerous place, as drummer Jason Costa of All That Remains recently discovered. You might expect that being a drummer, he would have some sort of arm or wrist injury, but instead, he's been dealing with some dental discomfort that came from his drumming.

It turns out that Costa's own power behind the kit may be to blame for the injury, as the musician revealed that a broken stick led to his current situation. You can read his post in full below. It offers an explanation and reveals who will be filling in for him while he undergoes a small procedure.

Hey everyone, Jason here. A few days ago at a show in Virginia a part of a stick that broke off of my snare shot up and hit me in the mouth. This resulted in a cracked crown. I hung in there for a couple of shows but then it became a pretty big problem. In a few days I'll have a small procedure done and I'll be joining back up with the tour again. Until then we have the masterful Ben Harclerode from Whitechapel filling in on the drums!

Whitechapel just finished dates in Europe and don't have any other shows scheduled until June 20, which left Harclerode with some free time to fill in. You can see Whitechapel on tour this summer as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

As for Costa, he's not expected to be away for too long, and the sub will allow the band to continue to tour uninterrupted. All That Remains have dates booked over the next few months, including a stop at the inaugural Loudwire Music Festival. More info on the event can be found here and the full itinerary of All That Remains shows is posted at this location.

All That Remains are promoting their seventh studio album, The Order of Things. It's already yielded the hit radio single "This Probably Won't End Well" and look for more songs to follow.

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