I personally don't drink coffee anymore. I actually didn't drink it for the longest time, and then started about 6 years ago. But something in the past couple years has changed and I can't drink it. It makes me jittery and almost sparks a panic attack. So needless to say, I'm not addicted to coffee. But I know some people who are.

According to a study from Scotland, there's been a gene found in DNA that might lead to your coffee addiction. It's a gene that is responsible for how your body breaks down caffeine. So it might not be coffee per se, but the gene can have an effect on how you react to caffeine, which could lead to a coffee addiction.

Personally, I'm glad I don't have a coffee addiction, not for the physical effects, but the effects on my wallet. I hear how much some people spend on just coffee in a week and it blows my mind. But, apparently spending that money is in your DNA. Or at least you can use that excuse now.