A Day to Remember are set to release their sixth full length effort, Bad Vibrations, on Sept. 2 (pushed back from the original date of Aug. 19) through their own label, ADTR Records, and will be distributed through Epitaph. With "Paranoia" and the title track already out, the metalcore outfit have unveiled a third song, "Bullfight," which can be heard above.

Opening with a repetitive, palm-muted chord, the song slowly builds around the motif as vocalist Jeremy McKinnon's soft croon invokes a somber and reflective mood alongside the clean-picked, despondent chords. The full band comes in, giving "Bullfight" a more lively feel, though the frontman keeps the mood quite sullen. With a downstroke on the upbeat, the chorus is juxtaposed by a bouncy, upbeat feeling against the morose atmosphere.

Decidedly less aggressive than the title track, "Bullfight" hints at a keen sense of dynamics and diversity within Bad Vibrations. Towards the back end of the song, A Day to Remember employ a beatdown with a chugging rhythm, but it drops out in favor of McKinnon's soothing clean vocals once again, though the song is not without it's share of aggressive shrieks.

Speaking about the record, McKinnon stated, “We completely changed the way we wrote, recorded and mixed this album. It was one of the most unique recording experiences we’ve ever had. We rented a cabin in the mountains 30 minutes outside of town and just wrote together in a room, which was the polar opposite of the last three albums we’ve made. And working with Bill [Stevenson, co-producer] was an awesome experience. He was a bit hard to read at first, so I think we subconsciously pushed ourselves harder to try to impress him. As a result, we gave this album everything we had.”

Bad Vibrations is available for pre-order here with a variety of options to choose from, including colored vinyl and a myriad of bundle packages and more. Those who pre-order through iTunes will receive instant gratification downloads of "Bullfight," along with "Paranoia" and the title track. Catch the band out on tour now with Blink-182 and see a full list of stops at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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