A list of known and little known serial killers in Texas prisons right now.

This guy is at the top of the list because I live next door to where he lived when he committed the murders. Yes, right here in Midland. If you haven't read that story you definitely should! So here's a link so you can - Serial killer next door story.

Anyway, that guys name is David Dowler and he is currently incarcerated at Bill Clements for life. He came up for parole 12/14/2017 but was denied and will be up again 12/2022. He was convicted of poisoning some of his own friends between 1984 and 1987.

Screenshot of Faryion Edward Wardrip

Faryion Edward Wardrip: killed a total of five women (as far as we know) between 1984 and 1986 andis currently serving his time in the Polonsky Unit in Livingston.

Screenshot of Elmer Wayne Henley

Elmer Wayne Henley: You remember him right? He was "The Candy Man" Dean Corll's second hand man for a while until he shot him during the commission of what would have been another set of killing for the already established Houston serial killer. He can be found spending his days at the Mark W. Michael Unit.

Screenshot of David Leonard Wood

David Leonard Wood: El Paso's "Desert Killer" is on death row in the Polonsky Unit.

Screenshot of Lucky Ward

Lucky Ward: I bet you haven't heard this name in the any of the Texas Seriall Killer lists yet. In March of 2020 he was sentenced to death for strangling four people but his list isn't that short and his story is crazy so you should do some research...or you can wait until next week after I've done it for you and post. He is also on death row at Polonsky.

Screenshot of Billy Chemirmir

Billy Chemirmir: Another name you've likely not heard. He's connected to the murder of well over 20 elderly women in Dallas. He is still awaiting yet another trial so we will have to wait and see where he ends up.

Screenshot of William Lewis Reece

William Lewis Reece: Charged and convicted first in Oklahoma and then in Texas it's taken over 20 years to gather the evidence needed to sentence him to death and cross at least 4 Texas murders off the "unsolved " list.

Screenshot of Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris: Killed four, one of them his ex-girlfriends dad (that we know of), he's said to be the definition of a serial killer, according to police. He's housed in the James Lynaugh Unit.

Screenshot of Genene Jones

Genene Jones: You know her. Responsible for the deaths of up to 60 infants during the 70s and 80s, her parole date, according to the TDCJ, is 12/3/2037. I think she just came up for parole this year and was denied. She's kick'n it at the Murray Unit.

Screenshot of Clyde Hedrick

Clyde Hedrick: This guy is suspected as being involved in the Texas "Killing Fields" murders. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2014 in the death of Ellen Rae Beason. The man who founded the Texas Equusearch over the disappearance and death of his daughter, Laura Miller, believes this conviction was just the start toward justice for his girl as well. Tim Miller has never given up searching for his daughters murderer and he's long suspected Clyde Hedrick. I hope something happens to keep him in jail so that Tim can continue to work toward a conviction for Laura, Hedrick is set to be paroled in three months, 10/4/2021.