Since it's the weekend I figured today I would leave you with a list of a few Texas based true crime documentaries to binge your way through before Monday. Most of these you may have already heard about but I bet there are at least a couple you haven't. You'll notice most of them are on Amazon, now that doesn't mean that they're only on Amazon it just means you may be able to find them other places but for sure you'll be able to watch them on Amazon and most are Amazon Prime, which means they're free for those who have the prime membership. So bust out all the fluffy blankets, get a few good bottles of vino and make sure to hang the "Watching Murder Stuff on the Couch all Weekend Do Not Disturb" sign.

Amber Alert on Amazon

The Eleven on Hulu

Tower in Amazon

Thin Blue Line on Amazon

The Imposter on Amazon

Texas Killing Fields on Amazon

The Confession Killer on Netflix

Incendiary: The Willingham Case on Amazon

Outcry on Showtime

If you liked these I have another pretty good list I'll be putting out next Friday.

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