Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and in recent years it's become an extra special day for vinyl enthusiasts thanks to the folks behind Record Store Day. What started off as a way to bring people back to record stores during a special spring date has expanded to include Black Friday, with artists all offering specialty releases. The giant list of offerings for this Black Friday (Nov. 25) has been revealed and we look at some of the items which should interest hard rock and metal enthusiasts.

If metal is your thing, Anthrax will have a 7" vinyl that includes their current single "Monster at the End" on one side, backed with "Vice of the People." In This Moment and Iron Maiden are offering vinyl versions of their A Star-Crossed Wasteland and Brave New World albums. Venom and Volbeat are also offering vinyl, delivering Black Metal and Beyond Hell/Above Heaven on Black Friday. And you can also look for Napalm Death doing a split 7" with Melt Banana titled "Like Piss to a Sting." Plus, GWAR will have a special "Black Friday LTD" 7" picture disc.

Do you dig punk? There are some classic platters available. Look for Iggy and the Stooges' Telluric Chaos on double LP or search out Ramones' Live at the Roxy. T.S.O.L.'s Revenge and The Vandals' Hollywood Potato Chip will also be available in LP form.

Alice Cooper reunited with his old bandmates for what should be one of the most sought-after Black Friday releases -- a 7" vinyl titled Live From the Astroturf. And speaking of classics, why not dig into The Runaways' Cherokee / Gold Star LP or the original soundtrack from Jaco, the film about the legendary Jaco Pastorius?

If you're looking for standout moments from the past, Alice in Chains' Live - Facelift 12" will take you back. So will Extreme's Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown, Billy Idol's BFI Live triple LP, or Soundgarden's "Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas" on 12" vinyl. Plus there's Porno for Pyros' Good God's Urge on LP and a Motley Crue 7" picture disc featuring "Kickstart My Heart" and "Home Sweet Home."

And for something more modern, look for Prophets of Rage's "The Party's Over" 12", Puscifer's Money Shot Your Re Load LP, Dustin Kensrue's "More Thoughts That Float on a Different Blood" 7" and Refused's Servants of Death EP on 12" vinyl. And in a limited run that may be regional, you could also look for Andy Black's The Shallow Side 12" picture disc and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats' Blood Lust LP.

Stay up to date with all the Record Store Day Black Friday specialty releases here and head to the Record Store Day website to see which record stores are participating in the Black Friday promotions.