We all love a good scare, especially around Halloween time. You can certainly get a good scare on the road (just drive around El Paso and you'll see what I mean). But maybe you're the kind that loves taking road trips to experience the spookiest of spookiest spots. Well according to the Travel & Leisure website, 2 of the spookiest roads you can drive in the United States are found in Texas & New Mexico, 1 in each state.

So why don't we take a closer look at each?

Let's start in Texas: the road they listed was the Stagecoach Road in Marshall, Texas (located northwest of Houston). People have reported seeing ghost figures of women & children by the road, fingerprints on their & heard voices.

The part of the road that people talk about, is the 8 mile stretch that starts at the end of East Popular St to Highway 43 in Karnack. HOWEVER, recently in 2018, the Stagecoach got a new historical marker off of Pine Bluff Road. So what does it look like?

Google Maps
Google Maps

This was a Google Maps image from 2007... they haven't even bother to go back SINCE. But videos of the road, are even MORE unnerving

You can find even more spooky encounters people have had on Stagecoach Roadd HERE.

So that was Texas, now what about New Mexico?

The spookiest road in New Mexico is US-491, aka... Route 666

Yes the infamous Route 666, nicknamed the "Devil's Highway", is a 193 mile stretch of highway that runs through New Mexico, Utah, & Colorado & the Navajo Nation & the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. It was renumbered in 2003 to US-491 & expanded to becoming a 4 lane highway.

So why is it so haunted? Well aside from once having the number "666", people have reported spotting skinwalkers, faceless hitchhikers & other spirits wandering down the road. And that's not even considering the amount of people who have died on Highway 666 & the accidents people have had on the road. Also it's hot as hell (no pun intended).

But people still drive down US-491 with some very interesting results & stories of what they've encountered while driving.

So if you're planning on travelling down these roads, make sure you stock up on water, snacks & plenty of gas. And make sure you have your camera ready. You never know if you'll find something...

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