Some musicians will simply endure anything to give the crowd a quality performance. However, the body will sometimes overtake the will of the mind, leading to an onstage collapse.

2016 has seen some terrifying collapses on stage. Legendary guitarist Joe Perry collapsed backstage at a Hollywood Vampires performance in Brooklyn, while Meat Loaf slumped down onto the stage in front of an Edmonton, Canada, audience. We didn’t include these instances in our Loud List, though you’ll see a separate instance with Joe Perry that happened during an Aerosmith gig.

Pure exhaustion will take its toll on any musician, but when you’re wearing a mask and jumpsuit surrounded by fire for 90 minutes, staying on point is a near-heroic task. Corey Taylor has made it through hundreds of grueling Slipknot shows, but just moments after Corey sang his last note at a 2012 show in Dallas, he fainted and had to be carried off stage by crew.

Drugs and alcohol have gotten the best of many musicians, but few have ever been taken out by a gorilla tranquilizer… and we’re not talking about a dart being shot from a bamboo blow gun. The Who’s Keith Moon actually swallowed a gorilla tranquilizer before hitting the Cow Palace stage in San Francisco back in 1973. Not even Moon could withstand the ridiculous drug, buckling behind his drum kit mid-performance.

Check out these 10 Times Rockers Collapsed On Stage in the video above!

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