If you consider yourself a reasonably attractive man, you might want to read this list. It doesn't matter how hot you actually are, you can easily make mistakes to make you seem less hot. The following list came from Cosmo:

  1. Being rude to a waiter or not tipping enough.
  2. Being a complete idiot.
  3. Acting like you know you're hot.
  4. Talking about yourself too much.
  5. Being selfish in bed.
  6. Having terrible body odor.
  7. Constantly checking out other women.
  8. Being mean to your pet.
  9. Talking about your exes like they're all crazy.
  10. Being insulting.

This all seems pretty obvious if you ask me. Especially the whole body odor thing. You can basically sum up the whole list with, don't be a dick, and be sure to shower appropriately.

Although, number 9 did stand out to me. And not because I disagree with it. If you claim that all your exes are crazy, that makes you look bad because all those relationships have one thing in common, and that would be you. I always felt you shouldn't really talk about your exes that much anyway. Now if you're in a long term relationship, that stuff will come up, but don't come firing out of the gates with that stuff.