It's no secret to anybody that knows me. I love to travel in the state of Texas. Give me a good road trip any day of the week. Crank up the tunes and away I go. It could be traveling up to the Panhandle or down to the coast. There's something about the open road and believe me with a state as big as Texas, there's plenty to see.

There's a particular stretch I traveled not too long ago. Summer was in full bloom and so were the wildflowers. Fields and fields of different varieties. Most I didn't even recognize. It really is amazingly beautiful once you stop and take it in. It got me thinking about how many kinds of wildflowers grow in this great state. Turns out, according to Texas Highways there are plenty. Some are just too unique and beautiful not to share. Keep looking to treat your eyes to some of nature's handiwork.

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Look: 10 of The Most Beautiful and Unique Wildflowers That Texas Has To Offer

Here's a sample according to Texas Highways.

Those are some of the favorite wildflowers that I found out about but that's nothing compared to the vast numbers and species of vegetation and flowers here in Texas. There are over 5,000 different blooming plants throughout the state. Now, that is a lot. It's also cool to note that certain flowers grow in certain terrains and areas in the state.

So, the next time you're on a road trip or maybe you're just going for a stroll in the country on a Sunday afternoon, just know that the wildflowers you see, yet beautiful, are just a small sample of the natural beauty you only find in states like Texas.

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