A woman went into the DMV outside of Atlanta to renew her license and found out she is a man, or at least she is to the state of Georgia.

According to MyFoxAtlanta.com, Nakia Grimes went in to renew her license and because of a new law, she was required to present a birth certificate to renew.  She didn't have it, so she went to the hall of records to get a copy.

When she got her birth certificate, she noticed the wrong box on it was checked which had her listed as a boy.

Grimes told someone about the typo, but instead of fixing it, they told her she would have to have proof that she was in fact a female which meant having her nether region examined and notarized by a doctor.

Instead of doing that, she went to the local media, and eventually records officials were able to verify she was not a man after they found her son's birth certificate, in which she was listed as his mother.